Small Town Transportation

No vehicle, live in a small town,  need a way to get around? Small town transportation. What are your options?

While there may not be community transportation from one side of the county to the other like there is in a big city, there are still some options on how to get around, and advantages to living in a small town.

Transportation options –

  • Bike/Walk/Run/Jog Being that you are closer to where you need to go in a small town biking, walking, running, or jogging is more realistic as you’re likely to be traveling less than 2 miles. Get your exercise to transport yourself.
  • Ride with a Neighbor – It’s likely that a neighbor or friend may work near where you work, or is going right past there. Ask if you can ride with them.
  • Possible Community Transportation – Some small towns do have community transportation though it costs more than in a big city, possible you’ll be the only ride riding, and not as convenient. If there is community transportation your town website should say.

What are some other ways to travel in a small town? How do you get around?


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  1. We don’t live in a small town, but we do live close to a bike path that looks something like the asphalt path in your header above (though not as many trees and woods), which we can ride on safely, separated from automobiles, all the way to the center of the next small town south. There, we can visit the library and many shops. On Saturdays, I can pedal to the Farmer’s Market in about 25 minutes. It takes a bit more planning, but it’s worth it. Though I take the minivan out for most trips with the kids, I love to use my bicycle as much as possible.

    • Hi Annkroeker thanks for commenting. I find it cool that you have a bike path that goes to the center of the next town as my town has that too except I’m at the start in the town and it goes out in the country through several really small towns. I like that you bike to the Farmer’s Market too, keep it up!

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