Get Involved, Be Known, in a Small Town.

“Black is the sinful life we led, Red is for the blood He shed. White represents His glorious Grace, Blue is the Holy Spirit, left in His place. Green is growth and discipleship, Gold is heaven – His precious gift.” – CHG Studios

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been learning some things about small town community. I’m involved at a Vineyard church plant in my area on Sunday evenings and many of us from there also go to another church, a few are part of another church I’m also a part of.

I’m learning that when you live in a small town people know each other and sometimes identify you by the church or organization you’re involved in.

Last night the Vineyard church did an outreach to the community called “Party in the Park.” There were free hotdogs, lemonade, and music in one of the bigger local parks. It was fun getting to know some of the people from the Vineyard church as well as others from the community. I also got to play with a couple children who were adorable and fun, and I think I made a new young friend :).

There was small town community at this “Party in the Park.” People from different churches in the area, as well as anywhere else in the community. I knew some of these people, or they knew me or my parents, and some I didn’t know. It was cool to learn that I had something in common with some of these people. I’m an offline introvert and so learning that people knew me from elsewhere was kind of cool, hanging out with the children was cool too.

Point being if you’re out and involved in your community (church(s), other organizations, etc) people know each other.

Want to be known in your community? Get involved, attend events happening in your area, and be part of the church, school, or other organizations. Some event examples for my area are –

  • Farmer’s Market
  • Party in the Park
  • Give blood
  • town Community Day
  • Vineyard Community Day
  • July 4th weekend Blues Festival and fireworks

Get involved, be involved. Make yourself known, be known.

Your thoughts?

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  1. That is so awesome. It works when followers of Christ work together at the local level. The community always benefits. I think it makes Jesus smile.

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