LC OKC flood update – Less Cleanup, More Development – serve, donate, give

I’ve been following campus’ for awhile now through their campus website, blogs, and now on Facebook/Twitter/social networking sites. I’ve heard about some of the micro missions a campus is doing, calling people to sign up or giving info about where to meet and what to bring, but until now I’ve never actually seen them in action or heard the details of what’s going on.

This past week I heard through FB/Twitter that there was a flood in Oklahoma City and the day after the flooding happened they were asking people from the area campus’ to come help with flood relief in an affected neighborhood. Over the next several days I saw updates on what they were doing, needs in the neighborhood, community organizations helping provide food and supplies, and video updates on what had happened that day and the plans for the next. I’m not even near OKC but because they are using social networking sites to communicate needs and what’s happening I know at least that much of what’s going on. They are a huge example and from what I hear that neighborhood as well as another one they started working in are loving right now because they’ve been the church in their neighborhood.

There are so many songs that I’ve heard or thought of over the last few days that describe and fit how they’ve been making a difference this past week. A few are Follow YouGod of JusticeOne Way, and The Blessing. They are being the hands and feet of Jesus and living out what the Bible says. I think the church and the community are starting to unite and that’s pretty cool.

How can you help?

  • Check out their video, or Facebook page to see what is going on and how you can help. They’ve transitioned from flood relief to more of helping them get back on their feet.
  • “Want to sit under a tent and hand out water, cleaning supplies, and home products this week to flood victims?…” – @lctvokc
  • They are also collecting donations of furniture, gently used clothing, and I’m not sure what else..donations can be dropped off at the OKC campus during business hours.


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