4 Advantages to Living in a Small Town

There are advantages to living in a big town/city as well as small towns and villages.

I’ve lived in both big towns/city as well as in a small town during different times in my life. I like the big towns but also enjoy the smaller towns. Having experienced both I’ve seen advantages and disadvantages of both.

Today I’d like to look at 4 advantages to living in a small town.

  • You are close to what you need. Your basic stores like grocery, gas station, and maybe fast food and places like Walmart and Kmart are only a couple miles away instead of possibly all the way across town.
  • Few store options – Having only a Walmart or Kmart nearby tells you where to go. Instead of having to choose between the Mall, Khols, Target, Meijer, and the other similar stores in their chain you only have one or maybe two options to choose from. Having not as many choices gets your shopping done faster.
  • Less traffic and few main roads There are only a couple main roads that you need to know to get to where you need to go. Also less traffic in a small town, less lights too.
  • Small Community – While big cities and bigger towns may divide by counties or townships, in a small community your town is like your township. Small community can have a family type atmosphere with only one school for each age group (Elementary, Late Elementary, Middle School, Highschool) instead of several. Small communities may also have more festivals and parades, or even a community day that unite the community for an event.

What are some of the advantages you’ve found or seen to living in a small town?


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  1. Safety – I’m not talking about myself necessarily, but I have heard of some people very close to my heart that don’t have a key to their own house. (ok, maybe it is me but I hope you don’t know where I live!) You can leave your house unlocked if you are comfortable with that with no worries. Growing up in a small town, before I could drive, I would walk or ride my bike everywhere, day or night. I am starting to see my kids do that as well. Although, I think I’m a little more protective than my parents felt they had to be.

    • I’ve heard of people leaving their house unlocked all day when they are gone. I wouldn’t want to though. Love the walking or biking everywhere, I do that too!

  2. Hi, Becky

    When I used to live in a small town I never locked the doors, even when going on vacation. Most people didn’t. Now that we live in the “wilderness,” we hardly ever fail to lock the door. But that’s my hubby’s fault. lol

    Nice blog, and thanks for following my blog. I wanted to let you know that while I leave up my wordpress blog, I always and only post to my new proprietary address. You can get there by clicking the link with my name. It’s good to know folks are interested in reading.

    Blessings, Cindy

    • That’s awesome Cindy, love reading of your experience living in a small town and the wilderness. What are some things that are similar or different between small town and wilderness locking the doors? Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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