Small Town

Small towns are great, there are many advantages to living in a small town vs a big town, but also the other way around. Over the next couple days we’ll look at what a small town is, advantages to living in a small town, and small town transportation.

When I started thinking about how to start this series I was thinking of a picture, poem, or song that talks about a small town. I tweeted that I was attempting to write a poem about it and a friend on Facebook gave it a shot. Check it out –

A Small Town

“The streets are narrow,
The stores are old.
But they’ve got character
and they’re family owned.

You see a person on the street,
For sure you’ll know them
And that’s pretty neat!
They know your life history
whether good or bad
and every boyfriend you’ve
ever had.

They know your grandparents
and your mom and pop;
Where you grew up
and where you shop.
They know where you hang out
on Saturday night
and if with the Lord
your spirit is right!

You walk into church
and they call you by name
You look at them
and can do the same.

So find a small town in the USA
and make plans to move there today!!!”

-by Nancy S.

How would you describe a Small Town? Anything you like or dislike about it?


Posted on June 20, 2010, in Community. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Small towns are great, I grew up in a small town and for the last 8 years, my family and I have lived in a small town. At this point, we are very much ready to get back to a city, we miss the conveniences that mass quantity brings in so many ways. Maybe in the near future I need to write more about my thoughts on this, I can’t say too much, publicly yet, about changes I am in the process of making.

    • Thanks for the feedback Jim, sounds like there are advantages and disadvantages to living in both areas. Would love to read your thoughts on this when you write on it eventually!

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