Happy Father’s Day – “My Daddy”

Today is Father’s Day in the USA, we celebrate our Father’s and what they mean to us.

My Daddy

Father’s Day is a day for dad’s,                                                                a day to remember them for who they are,                                       what they meant to you in life,                                                               and how they’ve made your world better.

My dad is a dad hopefully just as great as yours.                         He is a guy, funny, knows how to do lots of things                      and loves me for who I am.                                                                   He works, plays the wii, puts together song slides,                             and watches tv.

When the internet or computer doesn’t work right,                            or there is a bug I’m scared of,                                                                    He is there to try to fix it, figure out the problem, and kill those nasty bugs.

My daddy loves my mommy, because she is a special woman.                                                 He also loves me and my sister, and his family and parents too.  Because that is the way it should be, loving those around us and family.

He also loves the Father, the guy who created us and now lives in heaven.  The guy who died for us so that one day we can one day live with him.  My daddy has made sure that my mommy, sister, and I are in church services on Sunday, and learning about our Heavenly daddy.

My daddy lives for Jesus,  and is always willing to help out with media in church services. He taught me how to do powerpoint and helped me get involved in the band.  He helped me learn piano, and listened to me practice guitar,  He helped mom with homeschooling us and then sent me off to college.

He helped and taught me lots of things, more than I can say right here. But my daddy is my daddy, and he loves me and I love him.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!


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