Oklahoma City Flood Relief day 3 – How Will You Help?

Earlier this week it rained hard in Oklahoma City, it rained so much that at least a couple neighborhoods or parts of the city flooded. While many people were at home watching it rain, and being scared during the storms, there were some people in the town that I think were watching that radar screen and planning how to start clean up when it stopped raining. Tweets and Facebook updates went from “it’s raining and flooding here” to “meeting at the OKC campus at 8:30 am tomorrow. bring gloves, brooms, rakes. we are going to go into the hard hit areas to offer help #flood. – @chrisdbeall Lifechurch.tv area campus’ saw the need and are currently working on projects in these neighborhoods. By the way it looks they are working til it’s complete.

If you’d like to get involved and live in the Oklahoma City area you can –

  • Give of your time – show up at their command center and see where you can help.
  • Provide for a need – check our their FB page here and see if they need anything that you can lend to LC for a few days – fans, brooms, rakes, ..

Not in the Oklahoma City area, like me, and want to help you can –

  • Pray – Lives are being touched through the teams physical efforts to reach out and help with flood clean up. Pray for continued strength for those working, safety, and life change, ..
  • Spread the word – Get in touch with those you know in OKC and encourage them to help. Retweet Lifechurch.tv tweets that are asking for help or saying what they need. (blogging like I’m doing might work, not sure how effective this idea is though. I’m doing it bc they are inspiring and I just can’t stop talking about how great they are.)

These are the needs I’ve heard of recently. Check out the Lifechurch.tv- OKC page on Facebook to see the videos, stories, updates, command center locations, and needs. These guys (and girls) are great and they are being a great example of what the church should look like in the community.

Update – “How to Help Flood Victims, What and Where to Donate” – News9.com check out their article. Video here.


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