Next Steps for this Blog – end of 31dbbb

Made it through all 31 Days to Building a Better Blog, it was great. Lots of fun, community, and learning. Now going through it again with a friend, back to day 1!

To wrap this up and not leave you on the edge:

My next steps are to do more of what I’ve been saying I’ll do like finishing that About page, and i’m not sure what else. Also want to go back through the last month or two and look at consistency and some stats to see about making days for things, like adding a fun day post.

One interesting word or concept I learned about yesterday is called Twogging. Brian J. Russell thought of this and instead of a blog it’s a “Twog.” Take the 140 characters idea of twitter and apply it to the blog and use only 140 words. I like his idea, helps you keep posts short and simple, and for me seems I blog a lot of longer posts, might help me make some shorter ones too..this one is at least double the words. So an idea is to twog sometimes too. Read his post here, he does a much better job of explaining than I do, and is the original creator of it!

First next step however is to change my “Elevator Pitch” this blog is still about “dreams, vision, what I’m learning and life beyond 140” but it’s also more than that too. It’s time to redefine and let the pitch match what I’m actually talking about. Thinking something along the lines of “Christ, Church, Change, Community, and Children. The 5C’s to Better Livin.” as it seems what I blog about most fits into one of those categories.

What do you think, does “Christ, Church, Change, Community, and Children. The 5C’s to Better Livin” fit this blog? Do you have other suggestions?


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