Area Campus’ – Reaching Out to Their Community after Flood

“(CNN) — Severe thunderstorms ripped through central Oklahoma Monday triggering vicious flash floods that left 136 people injured, roads and cars submerged, and thousands without power, authorities said. None of those injured required hospitalization,. read more

EDMOND, OK — Residents near Northwest 164th and Western are picking up the pieces after flood waters raced through their neighborhood, but thanks to a metro church, residents in The Valley were not alone. Powered by the muscle of man and the spirit of God, volunteers from Life Church moved everything from couches and refrigerators so home owners could start the cleaning up process.

“Being here and helping people in need is what the church is for, so that is what we are here to do,” Brain Bruss with Life Church. ” We are just trying to be the Body of Christ to people in need. .. read more” “

I’ve been hearing yesterday and today about the flood that happened in Oklahoma City. Through campus tweets and at least a few LC people I’m following on twitter and the LC pages on FB I’ve been learning what they are up to.

At least several campus’ (NW OKCSouth OKCOKC, and Edmond) in or near Oklahoma City are stepping up and being the church in their neighborhoods. Read what they have been saying –

Hey LifeChurchers…be prepared to spring into action when the water subsides. If we need to, we’re going to help… – @RyanMotsinger

Know anyone hit by the floods today? Let me know tonight and we’ll probably have someone there tomorrow! – @RyanMotsinger

Meeting at the OKC campus at 8:30 am tomorrow. bring gloves, brooms, rakes. we are going to go into the hard hit areas to offer help #flood – @chrisdbeall

Come 2 “ALL DAY Neighborhood Flood Clean-up” 2day from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm. We need 1-200 people out… – @lctvokc

Working in the valley in edmond. So much damage. We need more help. Could use another 200 people.#flood – @chrisdbeall

Come help make sandwiches and clean houses at Western and 172nd. Follow the lifechurch signs into community. We need you!  – @RyanMotsinger

We have tons of water and gayorade. We will working into the night. Just show up western and 172nd. #flood. – @chrisdbeall

Officially begging for LifeChurchers to help us today & 2nite at Western and 172nd. Just follow the Life directional signs! We’re tired! – @RyanMotsinger

Think we have enough gatorade? It’s amazing to see the businesses donate to the cause – @chrisdbeall

Help tomorrow @ Valley neighborhood. Crazy devastation. Park off 164th on Sunny Hollow. Follow down to our Staging Area. Can’t miss it – @RyanMotsinger

Convo @ The Valley 2nite “Who was that church? O, that was & they will probly B back at daylight, that’s how they roll” – @davesears

These are some of the tweets I’ve read today. It’s great seeing the church be the church in their neighborhood and in the community. Flood came and they are responding, wasn’t planned ahead; looks like they tweeted and put up a call for volunteers through FB and Twitter and people responded.

Proud of all of you who have been out there working all day and those joining now. You guys are amazing!

If you live in Oklahoma City or near there and can help or know of someone who may be able to check out or another organization helping with clean up and join them in being the church and reaching out to the community.

For furthur reading and videos about the flood –


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