Homemade or Store Bought Pizza? Turkey or Regular Pepperoni?

I haven’t been feeling well today and was really tired the other night so haven’t blogged since Sunday night. As I was thinking about what to blog on today my mom had me come help put toppings on the pizza we were making for supper. Turns out we bought turkey pepperoni the other day instead of regular. Which type of pepperoni do you like better?

I tried a piece of the turkey pepperoni and decided I didn’t like it as well as the regular, it has a different flavor. Regular pepperoni is just what I’m used to, so I like it better. Turkey isn’t bad but regular is better in my opinion. Which do you prefer – turkey or regular pepperoni?

I also thought about homemade pizza vs store bought or ordered pizza. Homemade can be more filling, is fun to make, is a hands on experience, and is less greasy. A store bought pizza tends to not be as filling and isn’t always very big, but it’s still pizza. Ordered pizza from like Papa Johns, Main Street, or anywhere you can order pizza from is really good and can be very filling but can also be very greasy. What kind of pizza do you prefer?

Would love to hear your thoughts!


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