Cheerios + Community = Cheeriomunity. – what you’ve been saying

This has been a fun week discussing cheerios, cereal, and community.  As Kevin Weatherby says below – “cheeriomunity or communiterios.”  This post is all about what you guys have been saying about all of this.

What you’re saying about cereal –

@jimwalton – The top 3 cereals of all time are:

  1. Frosted Flakes – Soggy frosted flakes are the best
  2. Lucky Charms  – The LC marshmallows rock!
  3. Coca Puffs – Again, soggy cocoa puffs are the best, the bonus is chocolate milk!

The top 3 cereal slogans are They’rrrrrrrrreeeeee Greeeeeeaaaaat!                                    I’m kookoo for cocoa puffs, kookoo for cocoa puffs                                                                 Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers and new blue diamonds (remember when the blue diamonds were new.)

Cookie Crisp gets an honorable mention. What a beautiful concept, talk about getting permission to eat cookies for breakfast.

Many times it seems that we overlook cereals like Wheaties, Corn Flakes, Shredded Wheat and GrapeNuts. These are legitimate cereals but do not come close to making the top 3 or even top 10 cereals of all time.  Let that be your guide.

Larry Westfall – I know they are not nearly as healthy, but I’m a “Fruity Pebbles” man.

Janis@Open My Ears Lord – I do like the Honey-Nut variety best.

Richard Sipes -I mix my Cheerios with Honey Bunches and Grape Nuts. When I have them I add blueberries or strawberries.

Larry Westfall – Richard, it sounds like you should just try a bowl of “Fruit and Fiber” and reduce the work it takes you to eat cereal. :)

Kevin -I have given up cheerios and started eating white styrofoam packing pellets. They come in bigger boxes that my kids can play in instead of playing with the $300,000 worth of toys in their rooms. The pellets taste the same and although I have to drown them with the same amount of sugar as Cheerios, I find that I can get all the nutrition I need by dropping a flintstone vitamin in the bowl. (I like the car vitamin….no one touches the cars but me.)

Larry Westfall – Why should someone eat Fruity Pebbles?

1) You don’t frequent the outhouse nearly as often as you would with fiber based cereals.
2) They are easier to shoot through a straw.
3) You could never mistake them for styrofoam.
4) They taste better than anything else.
5) My horse likes ‘em. I really don’t have a horse. Just two dogs and they will eat anything.

Cereal brings community (Cheeriomunity)

Larry Westfall It is fun to visit your blog and have a good laugh. Who knew cereal could be so much fun? It really reinforces a fundamental truth for me that people are looking for places where they can be themselves and have fun. Thanks for allowing me some time to just be goofy. I still say the Fruity Pebbles rock!

Larry Westfall One of the missing elements in life is that of fun and laughter. We spend so much time chasing the American Dream that we forget to live life. I think many of us could use a little more spontaneous fun.

L.L. Barkat I actually think that fun is a huge part of developing community. It’s even part of my business philosophy over at HighCallingBlogs. Having fun together creates bonds and helps us through the stickier moments.

Richard Sipes It’s cool how God talks to several of us in similar ways on the same day. Today in my post I write about kids and Jesus. I said, “Kids Are Fun-loving. Some of us old adults have lost the joy and the laughter that ought to be a part of our lives. We have become party-poopers and fuddy-duddies. A childlike spirit loves to laugh and have fun.”

Kevin Weatherby I’m glad to be part of this cheeriomunity. Or would it be communiterios?

Scott Ayres I think community is where and what you make of it. If you go it alone, and I have for a long time, you get stale, your brain shuts off and etc. It’s good to be challenged and to relate to people..


This week has been fun thanks to you guys, you’ve made a silly, random topic a lot of fun and have helped me see another side of community.

I’m kind of sad this week is over but that doesn’t mean that the cheeriomunity of fun community has to end. We can have cheeriomunity nomatter the topic. I’m thinking of scheduling fun topics like this into blogging regularly, maybe once a week or for a week monthly. You guys have hit some good thoughts on community and think spontaneous fun like this is good for us as well as any blog.

Blogging tip – Have spontaneous fun on the blog regularly. Good way to create conversation and community.

Keep having fun guys, and feel free to keep the cheeriomunity going here. Learn from one another and have fun. For discussion – What have you enjoyed most, or what is your favorite quote/comment from this week on cheeriomunity?


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  1. I loved Kevin’s response a couple of days ago when he talked about feeding his kids stryofoam peanuts. Not so much that he was torturing his kids :), but that they like the boxes more than they do the $300,000 worth of toys. Maybe your next post should be “Toys That Are Not As Fun As The Box They Came In.”

  2. I just polled my wife on her top 3 cereals:
    Cocoa Pebbles
    Count Chocula – chocolate marshmallows!
    Fruity Pebbles

    Honorable mention:

    Looking forward to the Toys that are not as fun as the box they came in post too!

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