What do Community and Cheerios Have in Common?

Not real sure how to start with this one. There is a lot going through my head and I just want to put God first. When you blog, or in whatever you do, we’re supposed to put God first in all we do.

“In the stillness of this hour I worship You my Lord, crying Holy is the Lord on High…”

“In the secret, in the quiet place, in the stillness you are there, I want to know You more….”

“Be still and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all of these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.” – Matthew 6:33-34a

I’ve been thinking about 31dbbb, the people I know through there, Lifechurch.tv Online Campus, Facebook, Twitter, Twivotions, here on this blog, and the people I know in person in my community and physical churches I’m a part of.

There is community in all of this and when God is at the center of that community – the people, relationships, location, – there is just this atmosphere of worship, a sense that everything will be alright. When God is at the center of this community it’s just amazing, and it’s hard to describe. This is some of what I see –

  • People helping and supporting each other
  • Real love, real faith, real friends
  • Care, forgiveness, healing, and bonding
  • Fun and relationships
  • God at the center
  • Fun, respect, and growing together

Here on this blog the last couple of days I’ve covered some silly things like cheerios..who’d think to randomly review cheerios?

I’ve seen community, you guys, having fun with this topic on cereal. Community can happen anywhere. It can be on a serious topic, something focused or structured, or on something silly.

In the comments Larry Westfall said “It is fun to visit your blog and have a good laugh. Who knew cereal could be so much fun? It really reinforces a fundamental truth for me that people are looking for places where they can be themselves and have fun. Thanks for allowing me some time to just be goofy.”

I agree with everything he said there. This is a place, a blog that covers a variety/wide range of topics some are fun and silly while others aren’t. This is a place for community. If it’s a fun conversation feel free to have fun with it in the comments. This post relates to the cheerios and cereal.

How you might ask does cheerios and community on a blog relate? Exactly like that..conversation was started on cheerios and it created a conversation about cereals and when you guys have fun in the comments or online it starts community. I love seeing community form over this type of stuff. Keep it coming friends, I’m learning a lot from you guys and I hope you guys are learning too!

Cheerios whether regular, honey nut, or another type are all cheerios. We are like cheerios or one cheerio. A cheerio is round, it’s a circle. That is what community is, it’s like a circle, we give to benefit everyone in that circle not just one person.

Cheerio, Circle, Community. Let God live in the center.

Coming tomorrow – blog post about what you guys are saying about cereal


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  1. One of the missing elements in life is that of fun and laughter. We spend so much time chasing the American Dream that we forget to live life. I think many of us could use a little more spontaneous fun.

  2. Yay! A fellow foodie. On my blog it was cake. 🙂 (I answered you over at Green Inventions btw. :))

    Also, back to the topic at hand here… I actually think that fun is a huge part of developing community. It’s even part of my business philosophy over at HighCallingBlogs. Having fun together creates bonds and helps us through the stickier moments.

  3. It’s cool how God talks to several of us in similar ways on the same day. Today in my post I write about kids and Jesus ( http://junctionforjesus.blogspot.com/2010/06/three-things-that-make-kids-special-to.html ).
    I said, “Kids Are Fun-loving. Some of us old adults have lost the joy and the laughter that ought to be a part of our lives. We have become party-poopers and fuddy-duddies. A childlike spirit loves to laugh and have fun. ”


  4. I’m glad to be part of this cheeriomunity. Or would it be communiterios?

    Thanks Becky for allowing me to be goofy as well. I’m really not that funny anymore. But I got to laugh and I needed that.

  5. Becky.. spot on!!! (You can read that with a British accent, although I have a Texas drawal…)

    I think community is where and what you make of it. If you go it alone, and I have for a long time, you get stale, your brain shuts off and etc. It’s good to be challenged and to relate to people..

    Good stuff..

    • Thanks Scott, appreciate your feedback. It’s great when you can relate to people in community. When I’m physically in community or in public I often find myself surrounded by people but unable to relate and not knowing how to interact. So it’s kind of like being alone in community. I find that even if you struggle in interpersonal community that sometimes you are better at online community which is where I’m starting to notice works for me.

      Thanks for reminding us to be challenged and relate to people. Think I need to face some fears of interpersonal community and try to step out more.

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