Using Social Networking for Blogging Ideas

Do you use social media and networks to help you write a blogpost? Ever consider using what others are saying? How about tweeting or setting your status to ask for advice or talk about what you’re currently blogging about?

Today for 31dbbb (day 29) we’re supposed to “Develop A Plan To Boost Your Blogs Profile and Readership Online.” My plan was developed awhile ago thanks to Scott Williams. I’m mostly doing what he recommends in his post “Twitterblogology – The Science of Leveraging Twitter For Your Blog.” I also get readers and promote the blog through putting it on Facebook, and adding the blog as my website on any social media site I can do that.

You can even promote your upcoming post (one you may be writing or thinking about writing) while you’re typing it. Last night while reviewing cheerios I had tweeted “Thinking about reviewing peanuts or cheerios tonight..hmm.” “So I don’t really have a niche, so I write about a variety of things. Currently reviewing cheerios…what’ll be next?”

Some fun guys I know, @jboncore and @jimwalton, decided to answer the “what’ll be next” question while I was blogging and I realized this couldn’t end now, I just had to keep the cereal conversation going. See what they said –

Jboncore @tijuanabecky I was always partial to Cap N Crunch. Can you review them, especially the ones with Cunch Berries?

jimwalton: @tijuanabecky Write about the origin of “4 out of 5 dentists surveyed would recommend sugarless gum to their patients who chew gum.”

jimwalton: @jbonocore dude you are off base. @tijuanabecky needs to write a review about Peanut Butter Crunch. That rules!

Jbonocore @tijuanabecky “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up.”

Jbonocore @jimwalton @tijuanabecky I am alright with Peanut Butter Crunch, but Lucky Charms have those great little marshmellows. So I go with that.

jimwalton: @jbonocore @tijuanabecky marshmallows are good but don’t forget tucan sam

Jbonocore: @jimwalton @tijuanabecky “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!”

tijuanabecky: @jimwalton @jbonocore howabout tomorrow night I write about marshmallows, peanut butter crunch, lucky charms, Jif, and dentists?

Jbonocore: @tijuanabecky @jimwalton good idea, I see the relationship.

Later I checked Facebook and found a comment from my friend Waldo. “How about plain or peanut M&Ms?”

These guys didn’t know it at the time but after reading the conversation I thought “this would make a good blog post.” They answered my question about “what’s next,” and commented on blogging about cheerios.

What are the blogging tips we can learn from this?

  • Use your resources when blogging. Did someone tweet or comment on your status that might be worth blogging about?
  • When you ask a question, you might just get an answer.
  • You can get valuable feedback and ideas from social media.
  • Start a conversation and use the responses you get.
  • Fun, not serious topics on the blog can create some fun discussions.

Use social networking sites to promote your blog, get feedback, and ask for suggestions. If you’re not already, start using some of these and other blogging strategies and see what happens.

As you can see above these guys were having fun, all wanting me to write about something else or which cereal to review. I could use their ideas and have a whole week or more worth of cereals to review. Could debate which cereals are best for you and which are more filling. Could let them and you guys each take a cereal and guest post. Could even use cereal for an object lesson that relates to life or something. Lots of things and ideas can come from boosting and promoting your blog online.

So for fun this week, or the next couple days, I’m going to go with what I’ve learned from this. I’m going to cover some of these ideas. I have some creative ideas using what you guys are saying and commenting on.

Cheerios- for kids, teens, families, and the community?”  started this cereal conversation. Check it out. Get involved and join the fun by commenting on the Cheerios post or on this one.


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  1. It is fun to visit your blog and have a good laugh. Who knew cereal could be so much fun?

    It really reinforces a fundamental truth for me that people are looking for places where they can be themselves and have fun. Thanks for allowing me some time to just be goofy.

    I still say the Fruity Pebbles rock!

    • I’m glad this blog can be fun, and a good place for community and goofiness, Larry. Thanks for mentioning it.
      I credit God for all of that, he’s the one that gives me the words to type and ideas and such. Keep having fun, and if it’s a serious topic make it fun!

      By the way, Fruity Pebbles sound really good right now. I want some now!

  2. Well that’s just nuts …

    Jim calls me “his brotha from anotha mutha”.

    But I get your lesson boss – listen to folks and topics will come. Great for you as your blog is so open topic wise … I’m a little more restricted.

    • Stuart, I’m sure we could come up with some fun stuff for your blog too even though it is more restricted. An idea if you’re not already – follow lots of Techy people and blogs on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc and get ideas from them, look at what they say, what they blog about, and such. Not sure if your blog is also meant for fun and humor or not but you could take something that’s not techy and with your creativity and imagination make it techy.

      Is Jim also “your brotha from anotha mutha?” If you’d like I can help you guys brainstorm some ideas.

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