H and Cheerios (a post for fun, a real experience, by request)

Learning a little about me, I tend to not know a lot of things sometimes. So if I’m in a conversation or chat room with you and you say something and I don’t understand I’ll either be silent or I’ll say that I don’t know. Sometimes it’s left at me not knowing and other times those in the room decide to explain it to me.

That is what just happened and I had a request by someone there to relate this to cheerios in a blog post so we’ll see what comes out of this.

Hemmoroids are a health issue related with your bottom and I guess it hurts and swells and comes apart or something and doctors either do something with string or give you pills to get rid of it. I’m still not quite sure about this word.

So how does Hemmoroids, and not knowing what it is relate to cheerios? Well that is a good question, one I’m supposed to solve. So let’s see what I know.

  • Cheerios is a food
  • Are edible and easy for children to eat without choking
  • Good snack food
  • Round
  • Healthy for you
  • …..

Hemmoroids on the other hand is I guess the opposite of this, not a food, not edible, … Both do deal with health however.

Keep your body healthy – eat right, get enough sleep, and exercise.


Posted on June 10, 2010, in Food. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Hemorrhoids are the by product of eating styrofoam pellets instead of cheerios. (If this makes no sense then you have to read Becky’s review of cheerios.)

    Since we now understand the cause, let’s study the word in the ancient Cowboy Dialect. The word “hemorrhoid” actually comes from the ancient saying, “burning and blazing in the darkness”. Coincidentally, this is the same definition as the word “asteroid” (please note how a mistake by Mirriam Webster left out the second “S”)

    Sorry….you asked!

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