Hunting for Dead Links, Improving Another Blog, and Question Posts

Hunting for Dead Links, Improving Another Blog, and Writing a Question Post. “What is that all about,” you may ask. Well it’s what we’ve been learning about on days 25-27 over at 31dbbb.

You can improve your blog by doing these things –

25. Write a Question Post – ask your readers questions to get them thinking as well as to help create discussion on your blog.

26. Improve Another Blog – you can do this by mentioning other blogs, starting a blog roll, commenting on other blogs, talking about a post that you liked that someone else did or quoting from it and sending your readers back to their blog.

27. Hunt for Dead Links – go through your blogroll, links on the sidebar, and links in your posts and make sure they are still accurate and lead to the pages you want them to.

These are all things that will help you improve your blog as well as help other bloggers blogs. The blogging community is exactly that, we help, comment, and support each other.

Darren, who authors at ProBlogger and has a ton of blogging tips, and is just simply amazing wrote the book “31 Days to Building a Better Blog.” Over at Christian Web Trends the group of us are using his book and doing this as a group. If you like these tips and some of the others I’ve mentioned I encourage you to check out his book and blog for further reading on these as well as probably hundreds of others.

Time for me to go remove my dead links and you to go check out Darren’s book and/or blog. And while you’re on your way there think of one way you can make someone else’s blog better today. Would love to hear what you came up with when you return!


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