Are You Using an RSS Feed Reader Yet?

Are you viewing all the blogs you read daily easily and quickly? Do you have them all come to one place or view each blog individually? Are you using an RSS feed reader?

When I first started reading blogs a couple of years ago I would visit each blog daily, sometimes multiple times to see if the blog had been updated. Eventually I changed my email provider to Gmail and found Google Reader. I learned about reader and started subscribing to the blogs I visited. Using Google Reader is a fast and easy way to keep up with all the blogs you read daily.

Tony Morgan, one of the great bloggers I’m subscribed to did a blog post recently about this, he said –

“If you read several blogs or news websites daily and you’re not using Google Reader   you’re wasting time. Either you clutter your email inbox with lots of unnecessary e-  newsletter subscriptions, or you’re surfing from blog to blog trying to keep up. There’s a better way.

Here’s what Google Reader offers:

  • It constantly checks news sites and your favorite blogs for new content.
  • It brings all the content to one place.
  • It recommends new content based on your reading habits.
  • It creates an “easy button” for you to share content with friends.
  • It goes with you everywhere, so you can read content on any computer or your phone.”

Read the rest of his post and the 100 + blogs he is subscribed to here.

I encourage you whether you read many blogs or just a few to start using a feed reader today if you aren’t already, it makes life a lot simpler.

What are your thoughts about feed readers? What do you like or dislike about them?


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  1. Hey, Becky

    I have the feed reader set up, only I usually forget to look at it. That’s probably because Google isn’t my home page. It actually works better for me to have e-mail subscriptions, because I do read them — that and the wordpress blog surfer (which is where I see when your blog is updated). The only thing about the surfer is that it just shows the person’s most recent post, so if you haven’t looked at it in a while . . . on the other hand, this can be convenient, because though I may miss something, I also don’t get so deluged with stuff to read that I become discouraged and quite. Google Reader never misses anything. 😉

    Love, Cindy

    • Hey Cindy,

      Yah that would help to remember to look at the reader. It’s doing what is sufficient for you, if email or the wordpress blog surfer works for you then that is great! Yahoo, Hotmail, and some other email providers I think have their own version of a reader too. Maybe your’s has one that would work if you’re interested? Agreed that Google Reader misses nothing, and you don’t have to read everything, when you get overwhelmed with too much look at the titles and what’s in bold and read what sticks out to you. Just a couple ideas.

  2. This is absolutely true. I use Google Reader because I have intermittent times when I can read and this allows me to do so at my own leisure without missing any of the content that is important to me. It also allows me to save and follow up with content that I would like to blog about, forward, or comment on.

    • Me too Larry. You said it all! Google Chrome also has this extension thing where you can see when you have a new email or post to read which is also handy.

  3. I don’t. Maybe someday I’ll get into it. But for now. Sloppy. 🙂

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