3 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community

When we think about reaching out to our community many ideas may come to mind. We reach our community through God’s love, the church, school, and much else. See what others are saying on how their churches are reaching out to the community –

“Our church (CCLIVE.TV) will be going to the Australian Red Cross Blood Donation Centre in Robina. As a church we will give a much needed and highly valuable donation of blood.” Check out their video here. – @JosieLee91

“Our church is talking about doing some of those very things to “be the church” in our community!” – Jennifer

“My church has a car care ministry that is pretty cool. A group of guys spend a couple of Saturdays each month working on cars of single moms. The moms just bring in their car for tune ups or basic mechanical help. They have even had the priviledge of giving away vehicles to a families in need.” – Lara

What are you doing to make a difference? This can be as a church, like those above, or individually. What are you doing in your community that is making a difference?

Following are three ways that I’ve thought of that we can make a difference –

  1. Be Involved (Attender) – you are a person who simply attends church, school, and community events
  2. Be Engaged (Known) – you’re more than just attending now but also sharing your thoughts and ideas, you are talking and communicating with others, also getting to know the others at the events
  3. Be Active (Volunteer) – you’re more than just attending and making yourself known, you’re now also making your thoughts known, volunteering, and helping to incorporate your ideas to find solutions.

You came in as the new person (attender), then you starting making yourself known by talking with others and other people are starting to know who you are, and next you decided to take the step up and volunteer. You went from your ideas being thought about to now maybe you are being told that those are good ideas and have been given permission to do something with them. This doesn’t work in every situation but volunteering or taking the lead is a typical third step.

Three ways to make a difference in your community – be involved/attend, engaged/known, and active/volunteer.

Which step are you at in your church, school, ..in your community? Which step do you need to take next? Thoughts?


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  1. I have noticed in our church that the progression can also work backwards. Sometimes the best way to get a person to know us and eventually attend with us is to ask them to help us. I have had several unbelievers volunterr to help with church activities, and I always say, “yes, please!” I had one man whose family attended our church, but he would not. He had too many bad feelings toward some in church. But he and I mowed the church lawn together for years. We got to know each other well. And he began to soften his attitude toward the church.

    Maybe if we did more service in the community, more people would be drawn to join us in that service.

    • Good point Richard on us asking or inviting others to get involved. Not sure why I forgot about that when I was writing, thanks for the reminder. Can use your comment in a follow up post on this sometime?

      I also agree with the getting more involved outside the building and in the community. I need to work on that one too.

  2. Thanks for the article. Good question. Three great and easy ways to help at your church. Do these and your passion for Church will pick up momentum fast and you will find lots of great ways to have impact.
    1) Don’t Gossip
    2) Write an encouraging letter to your Pastor
    3) Pray everyday for your church

  3. I am pretty much active in the church; when it is happening and in the preparation of it. But that is safe, inside and in my comfort zone.
    If I was to take the next step it would be to be more involved in the community. To go out there where there is need.

  4. Sometimes I think that being in/doing community is more about general lifestyle than add-on actions.

    Like our buying habits. Our eating habits. The way we care for (or don’t) our land. You know, stuff like that. 🙂

    Hey, thanks for your very encouraging comments over at Green Inventions! 🙂

  5. Forgot to finish my comments before hitting “post”… only me!

    Thanks for the challenge! Praying about the distractions and just trying to be obedient to God’s calling. I need to be diligent about plugging into the Word more honestly. I’m involved volunteering with Online at @HPCOnline, but if my schedule were to open up more, I’d love to be more involved with behind the scenes. We’ll have to see what God has in store for the future. “Delight yourself in the Lord, and HE will give you the desires of your heart.” I’m delighting in this season. Thanks again for the challenge!

    • Hey, I know you! Like how you said “I’m delighting in this season.” The best way I’ve found to stay plugged in is to start my day with God, if I start with God my day goes so much better and then I don’t have to worry about forgetting. But also trying to let God do life with me throughout the day too really helps. Keep it up Connie, I believe God has great plans for you!

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