Hidden Messages? Do You Care? Will You Take the Time to Notice?

Are your friends sending hidden messages behind what they say? Do you care enough to take the time to let them know you care and are willing to listen to them? Are you letting these messages stay hidden and go unnoticed or do you take the time to notice and ask?

There is a message behind what people tell you, verbally or through tweets and facebook status updates. Many times what these messages say are true, but there are times when you ask someone “how are you doing” and they say “fine” but really they aren’t fine. They are not lying intentionally, maybe it’s not even a lie, but there is a hidden message behind what they are saying. They are hoping you will see it in their eyes or ask what they mean or more about what they just said so they can tell you what is really happening, or what they are struggling with. Something is bothering them, something is going on in there life and they need help, a friend, someone to just listen. The children around you in your classroom, the ones you babysit for, a younger friend or cousin, maybe something is happening in their life but they don’t know how or if it’s okay to tell you. This could also be teen or an older adult.

Watch the following videos, the family/teen/child all are living hidden messages. They hope someone will notice, they are hurting, can you see what these message are?


Some of the hidden messages are – abuse, suicidal, relationship issues, a need to be heard, loved, and to be careful what you do and say around other people.

This week I want to do a series on “making a difference.” You can make a difference today by slowing down, paying attention, and being willing to listen or/and ask what is really going on when you sense there is a hidden message in what someone is saying.

Who do you know that needs a friend or someone to listen to them? Is there someone in your life who has been given you hidden messages that you need to step in and ask about?

Stop ignoring the hidden messages that friends are sending and start showing that you care enough to ask about the hidden message, especially when you know there is something going on that they maybe aren’t telling you.

Make a difference today by letting those sending hidden messages know that you care and are willing to listen.


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  1. I think one of the hardest things to hear is to listen to interviews after a suicide and hear everyone say, “We didn’t see this coming” or “He/she seemed fine.” I always wonder if there were signs that everyone missed. Thanks for reminding us to look a little deeper.

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