Applying Advertising to Blogging

Ever just sit and listen to music, or watch the videos on youtube while paying attention to the lyrics and images? Ever read through a magazine, watch the billboards and signs you pass while going down the street or highway? Ever pay attention to the details of presentation slides or song/announcement slides during a business meeting or church service?

All these things have something in common. Music, videos, pictures, lyrics and images, magazines, billboards, signs, tv commercials, and presentation slides. They are all trying to tell you something. They want you to buy something, get involved in an activity, or to notice something that is happening around you, while others are for warning, your safety, or about an upcoming event.

Today is Day 24 at 31dbbbHow to Use a Magazine to Improve Your Blog.” I looked through a  Gospel For Asia “Send” Magazine for this project and found lots of ideas for what to incorporate on the blog and also blog post ideas – Pictures, Headings (titles), Font size and colors, Paragraph size, Page layout, and Quotes. These things are meant to stick out at you to grab your attention. The author does different things on each page for this reason.

How can we apply this to blogging?

  • Add relevant pictures to some of your posts
  • Find a title that will make your readers want to read more
  • Change up the font size and colors if you can, sometimes this is just making some bold or italicizing.
  • Use big paragraphs and smaller paragraphs
  • Change the layout – sometimes it’ll be a list post, a review on someone or something, about a song, something you learned, while other times it may be directly about you. Involves what you’re talking about with how you present it.

Not only can you find ways to improve your writing and page layout from signs and magazines, but you can also find post ideas, things you can blog about. Apply what you learn from what’s happening around you to blogging.


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