Want to Help Make a Global Difference through Church Online?

When the words don’t come, when the music is fading, when all hope is gone. When you just seem down and out of it, maybe depressed or sad. You’re hurting, maybe even wanting to give up and you’re just not sure where to turn. Then you get online. You login to Facebook, maybe twitter, and whatever other social sites you’re a part of. You’re looking for hope, searching for community and meaning in this life, looking for a friend to talk to or just someone who’ll listen and maybe pray for you if you’re feeling religious.You open a new webpage and browse the internet for sources of hope and where to turn during this time in your life and you come across Church Online. “Now what is that,” you are thinking? “I guess I’ll check it out and see what this is all about, after all it is a church, maybe they can help me.”

You land in a chat room full of people. Some are from your country while others are chatting in other languages but you can still read what they are saying. You realize that in this room are people from all around the globe, they are singing, having conversations, some are asking questions regarding life or God and you think, “you know maybe I’ll just join them, maybe someone here is feeling like me.” You type in a chat name, tell them it’s your first time, and people start welcoming you. They say hi and welcome you to Church Online.

As you join the conversation happening in the room you notice that there are a few people posting links to the sites resources about experience times, where to go for prayer or help, and how they can become a part and volunteer at Church Online. Maybe one of the chat names has (chat host) or (captain) beside it, you realize they are the ones in charge and you feel more safe being there and learning with this group of people.

Over time, you’ve kept coming back and enjoy being there. You are learning and enjoy worshipping God with people from all around the world. You think “this is pretty cool and I want to be a part of making a difference in these peoples lives, I want to help change the world, reach people like me online and become a part of this ministry.”

Maybe you are like the person in the story above, maybe you have been to Church Online a few times or have been an attender for awhile, maybe you’ve never even been there.

As some of you know I am an online volunteer at Lifechurch.tv. Volunteering is a lot of fun, not only do you experience community with the attendees and those you’re serving with, but you get to help make a difference in the lives of people all around the world. Through just talking with people in the chat room, running slides, praying with people one on one in a separate chat window, or leading all the volunteers, there is a place for you.

Volunteering and being a part of something bigger than yourself and a team of people growing together and all having fun at the same time is amazing. Seeing lives changed from all around the world, having the fun of trying to use google translate to pray with someone who doesn’t know English, and just catching the vision that you are a part of something huge.

“Each and every week God is changing lives at LifeChurch.tv. But did you know that the stories of life change are only possible because of the volunteers that give of their time and energy to help make LifeChurch.tv possible?” – Lifechurch.tv

This is a post where i’m supposed to encourage you to do something, it’s just that day at 31dbbb so today I am encouraging you to check out Lifechurch.tv. This can be by

  1. Visiting their website,
  2. Checking out an online experience (Kristy Motta from Guatamala leading worship, and Pastor Craig Groeschel talking about Gratitude this week), or
  3. Volunteering – especially if you’re a regular attendee

Interested in learning more about Lifechurch.tv Church Online, volunteering, or considering joining the team check it out here.

You can make a difference, hope to see you there as an Experience attendee sometime or as a Volunteer!


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  1. You really are making a difference!!!

    I pray that your path will be opened and your purpose revealed even more.

  2. Thanks for the prayer Kevin! I feel like big things are coming in the future and I’m just trying to wait, feel him, and be patient and obedient.

    You’re welcome to join me and many others in making a difference at http://bit.ly/COPlus1, or http://bit.ly/bkuzK7 never know might find some cowboys, or something that could make a good cowboy story.

  3. Becky, Thanks for the link! I love this sentence you wrote:

    Volunteering and being a part of something bigger than yourself and a team of people growing together and all having fun at the same time is amazing.

    That sums it up.

    I am so thankful to be a part of this and look forward to what lies ahead.

  4. Jim, Thanks for blogging your post so that I could link. 🙂 LC is a journey, stays the same for awhile but things keep changing, more volunteers, more groups and such. It’s so lifechanging and such and am glad you and all the others are a part. We’re like one huge family within another huge family!

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