Corporal Punishment and Hot Shots?

Yesterday was great. For 31dbbb day 20 our assignment was to comment on each others blogs. (Day 18 – Create a Sneeze Page, Day 19 –Write an Opinion Post).

One blog in specific that I visited and commented on was by Kevin, on his blog, Campfire Cowboy Ministries. He has a great conversation going on southern life, hot shots, and keeping corporal punishment alive. I learned a lot from his blog and really enjoyed the conversation. I  hope you will too.

He says “When I was a kid, if you talked back to the teacher they didn’t send you to ISS (in school suspension), they took you out in the hall and tried to dislocate your butt from your pelvis. Some of the coaches didn’t need but one or two swings to accomplish this task. … The cowboy culture has been real good at keeping corporal punishment alive. I don’t know of anyone that has never heard of a person talking about their dad making them go pick a switch off a tree that they were to be spanked with. Do you get the little narrow stick that will sting when they hit you with it forty-eight times? Or do you get the big one that you hope they can’t swing but once or twice? These are the decisions that kids used to make.” ….

Go here and read the rest! You won’t be sorry, check it out and join the conversation about your thoughts on this type of corporal punishment.


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  1. Thanks becky,

    Enjoyed our conversation yesterday. Thanks for posting this and I hope everyone comes by and joins in the conversation.

    Becky, your blog is the best thing since yeller hot shots.

  2. Becky,

    I also enjoyed Kevin’s blog. A very real topic that he made a very easy read. He brought out some good points without being offensive.

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