Blogging with God

Opinions, opinions, opinions….that’s what i’m supposed to be writing about. Having a hard time here, not sure what I have an opinion about at the moment that is okay to publicly blog on.

So I’m just typing away and seeing what comes out. Blogging is like one of my new favorite things to do. I enjoy volunteering, spending time with babies and toddlers, eating food, learning about God, and doing social networking, but I’m also learning how much I enjoy blogging. It’s part of 31dbbb but also becoming part of my life. I’m learning how many different types of posts there are, what you can do with your blog, about the blogging community, and so much more.

Sometimes I blog late night/early morning, while other times I blog late morning/early afternoon, or both EDT. Just depends on the day and what i’m feeling and learning about.

Blogging with music in the background is sometimes helpful, while other times it can be distracting. There are some things I’ve been meaning to blog about, that I’ve been saying I’m going to and I will get to those but I’ve been feeling the need to wait and blog about other things right now.

Learning to look to God and invite him to join me while blogging too. He can guide the fingers and help you type up exactly what He wants. Listening to God and trying to see where He is leading is helpful.

I’m feeling that this is what I have an opinion about. My opinion is to listen to God and to let him lead you in your blogging. When to blog and when not to, what to blog about and what not to, letting him lead you and you trying to follow what He says.

Sometimes this is hard though because you feel the need or desire to share about other stuff too. Like maybe God is giving you a scripture but it doesn’t really fit with the post and you’re wondering “is that what I’m supposed to blog on next, or do I put it in now.” Or the feeling that there is a scripture you need to add but you’re not sure which one it is.

Not always are we going to feel like including God in every post, letting him be there with us even if He is not directly mentioned. We may be having a bad day or forget to let him help us. Just like with email it may be best to wait to post until we are feeling more free and can blog with an open mind.

Blogging with God, blogging with an open mind, blogging with God is so much more freeing. Blogging with God is great and can bring life to what you are writing. Blogging without him is so much harder and just not as good. Blogging with God is an act of the heart, allowing him to be there and see what you are saying. Allow him to approve of what you write and just to blog with you.

That is my opinion, my opinion of blogging with God. An opinion of it is good, helpful, and great to have God as a blogging partner, someone to help you find the right words to say and to get it just right.

My challenge now to myself as well as to all of you is to remember to invite God to join you when you’re blogging. Yah I normally remember to invite him to do life with me daily, but also to specifically invite him to blog with me while I’m blogging too.

Invite God to blog with you. Blog with God.

What is your opinion about this? Do you blog with God or without Him, which would you prefer?


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  1. Becky, For those of us who are Christians blogging can be a real ministry. It can bless us as we allow God help us to write. It can bless others as they read what God is doing in us. Thanks for reminding me to pray through my writing. -Richard

  2. Becky, thanks for sharing your opinion on blogging with God. I would have to admit that it was only by His direction that I began blogging at all. I can definitely tell the difference if I forget to invite and listen to Him while I am blogging. It can be hard in your own strength, but easily flow when He is involved. I also agree with Richard and blogging is a R.E.A.L. ministry for me.

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