Learning from a First Time Blog Visitor

31dbbb Day 16 we were supposed to “solve a problem for our readers,” and today, Day 17 our task was to “watch a first time reader use our blog.” I had my friend Jay and another online friend look at my blog and then asked some questions –

  • What were your first impressions?
  • What did you first think when you arrived at the blog?
  • Did you find it easy to read/navigate/understand?
  • What did you feel when you first arrived at the blog?
  • What suggestions do you have on how I could improve the blog?
  • What questions do you have after surfing the blog?

(questions taken from the 31dbbb book)

I learned from one of them that my theme is good, the blog is very clean and easy to read, and that more color would be helpful though I can’t do that without upgrading. I also learned that I tend to blog about “Life in General.”

Asking people to review or give you feedback about your blog can be a good resource. You can learn a lot about what you can change or keep the same. I had a lot of fun doing this assignment and just learning what they think of my blog. Thinking about doing this more often.

Have you ever watched or had a first time reader look at your blog?  What have you found beneficial about it?


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