Blogging Calendar Tips

About a week ago I talked about creating my blogging calendar and some things like color coding I was using to help me out. I received feedback from this saying that other ideas I have would be great too. So following are some more of the things I’ve seen or done to help me create, and use this calendar.

  • Microsoft Office Excel. You can make a spreadsheet and have the columns as “date,” “title,” “ideas (what the post is about)” and then optional columns of “series,” “categories,” “tags.”
  • Color coding – Making all posts for the same series one color, and if you post about a particular subject on a specific day every week like “Tech Tuesday” maybe make that another color. Filling in days that currently have no scheduled posts with a color can be helpful too.
  • Spreadsheet for idea posts – Make a sheet where you can record things you want or need to blog about, then when you need an idea you have a sheet full of them.
  • When the week is over you can delete it or fill it in with a color so you can see the next week easier
  • Make the calendar at least two weeks long
  • Every other line (day) has a white or gray fill in color – makes it easier to tell the days apart

The picture above is an example of what my calendar looked like a week ago. Some of those things I blogged about while others I moved to a later date. Flexibility as well as the things I shared above are what help me most.

Do you use a blogging calendar? What are some of the things you find helpful in creating or using it?


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  1. Thanks for commenting Janis. Look forward to checking out your blog!

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