Thinking about Updating

Lots to think about.. take a trip to the mall (13), update a key page on your blog (14), find a blogging buddy(15). Lots of good ideas on how to make this blog better as well as help others make their blog better.

It’s great having a community of bloggers learning together over at 31dbbb and I’ve been learning so much there. This blog gets updated a lot, not just with posts (do I blog too much sometimes?), but also with the layout. I’m trying to be consistent but also want to make it reader friendly and put the things in the sidebar and such in the order that I think a reader needs or would be more likely to think it’s not as distracting. Going to be updating the About page again soon, as well as trying to get a page so it’s easier to contact me. Kind of just ranting or typing what I’m thinking today.

This blog doesn’t really have a niche. It started with a niche and elevator pitch of vision, dreams, what i’m learning and thinking, and what’s happening beyond 140. But as I started blogging and ideas for what to blog on started coming my niche sort of got old. It still is about those things but also about so much more.

Sometimes this may be a place for me to just write and journal my thoughts, a place to log my thoughts or share about my day. Other times I may be blogging on a series or something I’m passionate about, need to learn about, or desire to see in our churches/towns/communities. It may be a vision or a dream, or simply expanding on a tweet. Right now it’s kind of about anything I feel I should blog about. If you have a good way to define that, think in 31dbbb that was called the Elevator Pitch, I’d love to hear it because I kind of need to update that too and not sure of the right words to use.

Things I’m considering blogging about soon –

  • What others are saying about outreach (how is your church, being the church, in your community? – Their answers)
  • Blogging calendar/schedule tips
  • What I learn about in church services (Sunday and Wednesday night blog posts)
  • and a possible next series on “Songs” – songs I’ve heard recently that are impacting my life, what I’m learning from them and what I think they are saying to us

Your comments, what you say or suggest, all give me new ideas for what to blog on. If there is something you’d like to hear from me (tips, series, whatever you think I should blog about), if you’d like to contribute/guest post, or have other suggestions for this blog let me know.

What are your thoughts on how I blog, what I blog about, and what stays or needs changing?


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  1. Becky, I like the idea of doing a “song” every once in a while. Probably be good to include a youtube video of the song when you do it. “What I’m learning” is always good, and tying it to the church community makes a great statement about the value of the church family. –Richard

  2. Richard, do you think it’d be good to do songs over a period of time (like one a week for awhile), or do them as a series (daily for a week)? I like the idea of including a video, great way to share it! Thanks for your ideas!

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