31dbbb Day13 – Summary of What I Learned, + Blog Tips

Yesterday was Day 13 of 31dbbb, we were supposed to take a trip to the Mall and just observe the people there, what they were doing, and what was happening in the Mall. I’m in a small town and far from a Mall so I did this a little differently…

The five lessons I learned from this experience are –

  1. Be Still and Listen
  2. Observe what’s happening around you by watching and listening.
  3. Let children be helpful, give them room to try new things. Let them help with the things that they can.
  4. Online conferences are great, blog them share your notes, take the opportunity (politely) to follow new people on Twitter and to make your blog known
  5. Satan is real, we can defeat him, God has already won, we have the power to overcome, run towards the Devil

Now how does all of this apply to blogging?

  • You can blog about conferences, what you see around you, what you’re learning,
  • You can take what you learn and turn them into a series of posts. in my case it could each lesson (1-5) and make them each a separate blog post, or expand on them even more in another blog post.
  • Break up long posts and turn them into several shorter ones.
  • You can write about your day, put it in story form, make people imagine, or any other way you want to tell it
  • Be still and just take time to listen and see what you’re being told to write about

Those are a few of the things I learned yesterday from “taking a trip to the mall.”

What did you learn from 31dbbb day 13?

Check out –  Lessons 1&2Lessons 3&4, and Lesson 5, for the details of what I learned.


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  1. I learned that some newspapers have front pages that look like blogs 🙂
    and that I don’t want my blog to look like a magazine :O
    great points that you listed there.

  2. Agreed Luke. Don’t want blogs looking like magazines or the other way around. Love it!

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