Sage – a Leadership Network Experience pt4of4

Following are some notes from the 3-4pm EDT SAGE speakers.

Joel Hunter – from Northland, A Church Distributed

  • Pour your life into the wife of your youth
  • Be your kids cheerleader
  • Hire people smarter than you are
  • Your ministry can only grow as big as your brain is
  • Work with people you enjoy
  • Always be learning
  • Be sure you’re learning the Word of God
  • Don’t come home and gripe about church members

Earl Creps, Berkeley Church Planting Project

  • Getting older in leadership is okay
  • Age doesn’t cancel your ability to impact

Les Hughes – Westwood Baptist Church

  • I’d find a place where I can get alone with God and learn from Him
  • We are called to be part of people’s lives and leadership
  • God made us and the world to have a certain rhythm to it
  • Take time to listen to God

Chip Ingram – Venture Church

  • God’s #1 agenda is to work in you before working through you

Dr. Gene Getz – Church Renewal

  • Establish better priorities in terms of my family
  • Spend more time with your family

Bill Wellons, Fellowship Associates Church

  • Communicate our vision and values 100 times a year
  • Cast your vision
  • Hire professionals to do the ministry
  • Keep organization simple and focused
  • Empower the laity instead of hiring professionals
  • Disciple men from the very beginning

Bub Buford, Leadership Network

  • I wish I had surrendered to Christ earlier in my life

And that has been the Sage conference. Great experience tweeting and learning from others during the experience. Hear the Nines conference is happening again later this year. I’m excited about that. Stay up to date with the Leadership Network at @leadnet


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