Sage – a Leadership Network Experience pt3

Following are notes from some of the 2-3pm EDT SAGE speakers.

David Loveless, Discovery Church

  • I’d pay more attention to how much change that I asked the ministry partners to bear.
  • I changed too many things and created too much distrust. I loved change – I thought I could lead everyone the same way.
  • Are you more concerned with the outcome than how you achieve the outcome?
  • Is this the right change?

Robert Lewis – Global Reach

  • If I had to do it over again – I would concentrate more heavily in foundation building.
  • Don’t get caught up with day to day organization while neglecting the foundation. Concentrate on foundation building more than the show.

Dale Burke – First Evangelical Free Church

  • I need to please less. Focus on the one that matters most.
  • Do less but focus on more things that matter the most, the health creating things, the main things.
  • Do less but focus on your main things. I was never intended to do everything. Some things I do well and some things I do not.
  • Do less by focusing on fewer people but giving more of your time to the main people

Eric Swanson – Leadership Network

  • I would share the gospel differently.
  • My view of sin wasn’t big enough but neither was my view of reconciliation.
  • It is what it is, but it is not as it should be.

Mike Slaughter – Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church

  • 1st shift – Attractional model to missional church.
  • Jesus focused on getting church into the world.
  • Measure of how many are serving as hands and feet of Jesus in the world.
  • 2nd shift – Macro model to a micro model
  • Importance of community
  • Looking for meaning more than meetings
  • 3rd shift – Expansion to multiplication
  • You rebuild cities one neighborhood at a time

Elmer Towns – Liberty University

  • I wanted to be a Bible College President
  • I had a big dream
  • Sometimes you do the unattractive things to be used by God

Michael Duduit – Anderson University in Anderson, SC

  • Clear is better than clever
  • Today we live in an image driven culture
  • It’s always a temptation to try to look good
  • Effective messages send people praising a great Savior

Walt Kallestad – Community Church of Joy

  • Doing church vs being the church
  • Simplicity is critical
  • When we do it to the least of these, we do it to Him
  • Loving God, loving community, and doing mission
  • Have things that are sustainable
  • Living a life of prayer – the Bible tells us to pray continuosly
  • It’s important to focus on significance

Carl George – Consulting for Church Growth

  • I developed the metachurch model
  • The whole idea of coaching is to bring leaders back on track
  • God is in the business of drawing people to himself

Search #sageLN on Twitter for more. Part 4 coming next.


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