SAGE – a Leadership Network Experience pt2

Following are notes from some of the 1-2pm EDT SAGE speakers. Check out #sageLN on Twitter to see what people are tweeting.

Anthony Trufant – Emmanuel Baptist Church

Things I wish I knew:

  1. Place a priority on an open, honest relationship with Jesus
  2. Invest in yourself
  3. Keep family first. They must feel they are a primary responsibility. Ministry begins at home.
  4. Develop some holy friends. Authentic. Integrity. Accountability.
  5. While you are the key leader you are not the sole leader.
  6. Take risks. Make mistakes but make new ones.
  7. When you propose something – the first no is not the final “no”. It’s new to them.
  8. Conflict can be productive. An ally. Conflict is an invitation to revelation and transformation.
  9. Make sure you develop different styles of coping. Access the situation and apply the correct style.
  10. Enter ministry with the end in mind. Set it up for the person coming behind you.
  11. Make sure you are clear about your own baggage. God uses our self awareness.

Andy McQuitty, Irving Bible Church

  • When we focus on faithfulness not results we glorify God

Jim Herrington – Mission Houston

  • Compartmentalize between sacred and secular
  • Jesus focused on experience

Cal Jernigan, Central Christian Church

  • Prov 9:8-9 – There are people who want to teach and there are people who want to learn.
  • Who will you sit down with to give you insight?
  • Most people are more than willing if asked. The pattern in the Bible is mentorship. Who do you have?
  • Who do you have that you can go to learn from?

Dennis Keating, Emmanuel Faith Community Church

  • Just because the ministry calls doesn’t mean that God calls
  • It’s not the things that you do in ministry that kill you – it’s the things you don’t get done.
  • Do what you do best
  • You can’t play father to the world

George Cladis – Liberty Churches

  • Management – loving God and loving our neighbor
  • Learn to take care of yourself
  • Manage yourself right
  • Keep relationships with friends and family healthy. Do the little things.
  • Know the gifts of those around you
  • Work together as teams
  • Team managment

Mel Lawrenz, Elmbrook Church

10 ways to be faithful and fruitful –

  1. I would move close to the office
  2. I would have adopted “Getting Things Done” system by David Allen. Best personal organization system.
  3. I would have experimented more with using different preaching styles.
  4. I would have worked closer with worship staff collaboration.
  5. I would have gotten to know other pastors in my city better.
  6. I would be more selective in reading
  7. I would have been more regular in “days off”
  8. Handling criticism, more directly – more often seeing it as an opportunity.
  9. Delegated organizational leadership.
  10. Collect more stories – the real life stories of people telling people what God is doing. And re-tell them.

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  1. This is a great list of conversation starters. I particularly value the insight of the last list by Mel Lawrenz. In particularly to collect more stories and retell them. Stories are what people remember and on real life story has for more power than a text book explanation of scripture. I saved this post for future reference. Good Stuff!

  2. Thanks for the comment Larry. I agree with you that Mel’s list are good for conversation starters. I love stories, especially how in the Bible they were passed down from generation to generation. Definitely good stuff.

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