SAGE a Leadership Network Experience pt 1

Following are notes from some of the SAGE speakers we heard in the last hour. Not blogging every single thing they say, but am trying to get some of their main points or key phrases.
Matt Hannan – New Heights Church –
  • Try to avoid unnecessary wars
  • Lead from the middle instead of the edge
  • Learn to be spiritual and strategic
  • God’s core agenda is you
  • Luke 6:40 – A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.
  • What kind of student am I producing?
  • The church is called to make disciples
  • If you don’t know where people are at you can’t take them to where they need to be

Jeff Jones

  • Prioritize
  • You don’t have to do it all
  • What does the organization need most?
  • What does the organization need you to provide?
  • Delegate

Kevin Harney – Shoreline Christian Church

  • Organic Outreach – it is who we are. It is the DNA of the church. On a daily basis it needs to be a consuming passion of our hearts.
  • Hold your leaders accountable
  • Every ministry is about the Great Commission 
  • Your budget needs to reflect what we do to reach our local community
  • Every ministry should have a heart for outreach
  • Train and Equip those you influence in your area of ministry

Steve Stroope – Lake Pointe Church

  • It’s the parents responsibility to disciple their own children
  • Make sure all of our ministries weren’t leaving parents out

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