Learning from Observing 2of3

Picking up from where I left off in Part1….

It was nearing lunch time as my oldest cousin and I walked home to fix lunch for us and her younger brother. She didn’t like leaving the park but was glad that she got to be helpful. She liked the idea of helping with lunch and having a say in what she got to eat. She decided she would eat a cheese sandwich and apple, sounded good to me. We got home, she washed her hands and entered the kitchen to help me. She unwrapped the piece of cheese and put it on her bread while I cut up the apple and had made her brother the same thing. She decides at this time that she wants butter on her bread too and so took off the cheese and we put some butter on it and I let her spread it on the piece of bread. Her brother and my mom came home as her and I were sitting down to eat and soon he joined us after washing his hands too. As we were eating I noticed how she ate the buttered bread, and the apple, and the cheese that she decided not to put on the sandwich. She got to help make her lunch and now she got to eat it.

What did I learn? I learned that my cousin likes buttered bread, but more importantly that she enjoys helping out anytime she can. She got to butter the bread, unwrap her cheese, carry her lunch to the table, sit in a chair without a booster seat, and drink water from a cup with no lid. I think I spoiled her but I knew that she could do those things and was there to help if she needed it. Lesson 3: Let children be helpful, give them room to try new things like buttering bread, drinking from a cup, no booster seat, etc. Let children help with the things that they can.

After lunch was Sage – a Leadership Network Experience, or what I call another online conference. This experience was great and I learned again like I did at All Access 2010 that learning online and tweeting with a bunch of other people, some whom I knew and many I didn’t, is great. You can learn from each other and enjoy what’s happening. I saw community form near the end of the conference as the video feed went down from some reason. Those of us tweeting about it started asking what was happening and letting them know that the feed was down, they in turn responded to let us know that they were working on it get back up. I saw those tweeting tweet to each other to get the word out about it being down and that it was being fixed. It came back up, and between then and the end we were thanking the supporters and those who helped the conference together Thank you for doing the conference. That was great to see. People saying thank you.

What did I learn from this: That community can form and people work together and care for each other when video feeds go down, that you can keep up with the conference twitter feed by searching the hashtag they are using. Today hashtag was #sageLN. As for blogging during this conference I learned that you blogging the notes as a way for yourself to learn and remember some of the things said can also help others. Thanks to all of you who checked out this blog and those posts. I learned that people like reading about what is happening or what has just happened. I had several comment here, on FB, and Twitter thanking me for blogging it. Lesson 4: Online conferences are great, blog them share your notes, take the opportunity (politely) to follow new people on Twitter and to make your blog known. You can make use of that opportunity where it is relevant and may be helpful to someone.

After Sage I did some things and then went to a church event for supper and their Wednesday evening service. What I learned there coming soon.

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