Learning from Observing 1of3

Today is Day 13 of 31dbbb, we were supposed to take a trip to the Mall and just observe the people there, what they were doing, and what was happening in the Mall. I’m in a small town and far from a Mall so I did this a little differently…

My little cousins were over today and some cookies needed to be taken to the church building for a funeral dinner, I needed to go downtown, cousins wanted to play at the park, I was going to a church event this evening… so I took the opportunity to observe what was around me in these situations. This post is about my day, what I saw, and what I learned from it and maybe how it can be applied to blogging.

Started the day out online learning our assignment and thinking about what to do. When my cousins got here I took the oldest (preschool age) on a walk to the church building to deliver the cookies. We walked through the trees, past a road, through an overgrown open lot, onto another back street, and down the hill to the church building. It was a very peaceful walk with the birds singing, no cars or anything nearby, and my cousin taking in almost everything around her. She stopped to smell flowers, pick weeds, pick dandelions, and was telling me things that were around her the whole 5min walk there.

What did I learn from this? Sometimes we need to be still and just listen. Just like we can’t always hear or feel God when we are distracted, it can also be hard to see or feel what you’re supposed to be blogging about when it’s too noisy or you’re doing too many things in that moment. Lesson 1: Be Still and Listen

Psalm 46:10a –  “Be still, and know that I am God..”

Next we came back to the house and we got ready to take the kids to the park. Grabbed the shovel and buckets for the sand, their water cups, and we started walking down the street to the park. When we got there mom took the oldest two to the playground and took the youngest (around 1yr) on a walk downtown in the stroller. While I was walking I observed more things like – paying attention and crossing the street when it safe, saw the river going under the bridge, cars going up and down the street beside me, and eventually a little more activity as we got to downtown. Remember this is a small town so downtown is only a couple streets and it’s where everything is at. We got to where we were going, did what needed to be done, then turned around and went back the way we came. When we were almost back to the park cars slowed down and moved to either side as an ambulance with flashing lights came soaring down the middle of the road. Once the ambulance was past the cars started moving again. Soon after this we arrived at the park.

What did I learn from this? Again to be still and listen and watch what’s happening around you. But also seeing how the cars and people respected that ambulance. They moved out the way so it could get through to help the person in need. Lesson 2: Observe what’s happening around you by watching and listening.

Lessons 3 and 4 coming next, stay tuned.


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