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The church is in the community. The church is the people, not the building. We are the church, and we are living in the community. So how can the church be the church in the community? Keep reading.
There are a lot of ways the church can be the church in the community. Check out these videos for some ideas –
The first one was a church body that participated in an event called “Servolution.” The second was another church body – Living Hope Vineyard Church – reaching out to their community through Jesus Style Ministry in what they call outreaches.
Some of the things seen in the videos are –
  • Free Car Wash
  • Free Yard Sale
  • Kids Carnival
  • Joining with an event happening in the community
  • Painting
  • Washing windows
  • Yardwork
  • Free food
  • Cleaning
  • ….

These are all examples of how the church, can be the church, in the community. It’s not just a one time event but how we live our lives. The videos were specific events for reaching out to their community but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a lifestyle.

You can do this as a small group or the whole church body. Outreach is about going to the people and meeting them where they are at. You can join with events already happening in the community such as a Community Day, Parade, Garage Sale day, School Events, or you can meet a need you see in your community such as a neighbor needing their house painted, yard work, meeting a need in a school or organization. You can join events already happening and see where you can be helpful or a need they have, see a need in your community and meet it, or partner with another organization like Red Cross or a local Soup Kitchen.

See a need, meet the need. Help your church, be the church, in your community.

What is your church body or small group doing to reach out to your community?


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  1. Our church is talking about doing some of those very things to “be the church” in our community! You are so right, and I’m trying to impress on my children, that WE are the church. The church IS the people, not a building!

    Thanks for reminding me!


  2. These are great ideas. My church has a car care ministry that is pretty cool. A group of guys spend a couple of Saturdays each month working on cars of single moms. The moms just bring in their car for tune ups or basic mechanical help. They have even had the priviledge of giving away vehicles to a families in need. Thanks for sharing.

    • “Car Care Ministry” that is a pretty cool idea Lara. Especially for single moms that don’t have guys to take car of their car or don’t know how to do the oil or something. That’s a really cool idea, thank you for commenting.

      I love hearing what you guys or your churches are doing or considering. It encourages me as well as other readers. Keep sharing!

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