Your Community 4&5of6 – Neighborhood and Town Events

What events are happening in your neighborhood, what events or opportunities might you be able to start? It’s time to get to know our neighbors.

A few years ago I came across the Connecting the Church blog. This is a great place to find tips and ideas for your neighborhood. I’ve learned a lot from them, and want to put their suggestions into action in my neighborhood. My background and surroundings are hindering me but that doesn’t mean that they will forever.

I see how our neighborhood and other neighborhoods could be changed if we simply got out of homes and get to know our neighbors. A dream of seeing our neighborhoods connected and doing life together. Connecting the Church is about “Accelerating Spiritual Transformation in every neighborhood in America.” I recommend checking our their blog.

A few  ideas of mine, or that I’ve seen or heard about for the Neighborhood are –

  • Garage sales – The neighborhood/sub divisions near where I’ve been going to school hold a Saturday garage sale event once a year. You go around this neighborhood and there are tons of people, cars, and bikes trying to get from one house to the next. Probably at least half the houses have a garage sale. In small towns it may not be a neighborhood event, but rather a town event. Garage sale day across town.
  • Block Party – Host a cookout, easter egg hunt, or another fun thing that can draw your neighbors together. If someone else is doing one or there is something else already happening in your neighborhood join with them.
  • Park – If there’s a park in your neighborhood go hang out there. Meet those who come to the park and maybe get to know them.
  • Invite a neighbor to dinner or visit them
  • Go for a bike ride or walk around your neighborhood

Wondering how you can find planned events in your town or neighborhood click here. For an example of events that happen or could happen in your town click here.

What are some other events you seen or helped plan for your neighborhood or town?


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  1. connectingthechurch

    Thanks Becky,
    It is worth the effort. Glad to see you making a difference.

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