Your Community 3of6 – School

Public School, Christian School, or Homeschool, which one is right for you and your children? Community in the Public School is what we are looking at.

Growing up I spent my first couple years in a Christian School, then was home schooled through 12th grade. Looking back I think it would have been good to have been in a public school for at least my elementary years. Having volunteered with preschoolers and 2nd graders in a public school I’m seeing things I wish I had had.  Following are some of the  things I’ve seen in public schools that are good for community for children as well as for parents.

  • Events School carnival, parents meetings, band, sports, sometimes childcare before/after school and summer programs, class parties, etc. These events are great because they encourage you to get to know other children, parents, and family at the school as well as encouraging involvement. Sometimes you might be helping while other times you are attending. You get to know people in your community through these events.
  • Social Skills – Through class, events, playing on the playground, in class discussions or assignments, sitting in the lunch room during lunch, and just being around other people your child’s age for the whole school day helps them learn social skills, and how to act in certain situations.
  • Education – Not only are they attending events, and learning social skills, they are also gaining an education. How to write papers, read, multiply and divide, use a computer, play an instrument, and so much more. They are learning how to do things that they’ll need to be able to do now and in the future.

Having children who are  in a public school, or working in one can be great for community as well as building community around you. Get involved, learn from those around you, get to know other parents, teachers, and children in your community. Be a part of the community.

What are some ways you see community happening in the public school?


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  1. I went to public school K-12 as have all my kids. My wife has worked in the public school system for 16 years. Our kids have been involved in choral music, band, sports, clubs, and sevice groups through the schools. We met a lot of our kids’ classmates, teammates, and friends over the years. We got to know many of their parents as well. Some we built relationships with and a few even started coming to our church.
    Public schools can be a worldly place and parents especially need to take the time to be involved so that they know what goes on in school. But what a mission field!

  2. Richard,

    Thank you. You are inspiring me and giving great examples of what happens through community. Thank you for sharing, encouraging involvement, and reminding us that the Public Schools are a mission field.

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