Your Community 2of6- Transportation

Transportation: How can I get around town with no vehicle, what are my options?

Most towns and cities have some form of Public Transportation. These options could  be a train, city buses, Amtrak, taxi, etc. Find your towns website and it should tell you about transportation. Another option for getting around town depending on where you need to go is to walk or bike there, you’ll get exercise and it’s free.

Public Transportation has it’s benefits and it’s non benefits. If you have your own vehicle you have to pay for insurance, gas, windshield fluid, new battery or tires, oil, and to have it repaired when it doesn’t work right. When you take public transportation you don’t have to worry about those things or those expenses, depending on your form of public transportation it will most likely cost less over time. One of the things I’ve enjoyed about taking the bus around town is that I learn what is happening, and what events are going on. There are signs in the buses and also at the transportation center.

Benefits –

  • Costs less than driving your own vehicle everywhere
  • Meet new people
  • Learn what is happening in your community
  • Saves energy, helps keep our earth green

Non Benefits –

  • Takes longer than driving your own vehicle
  • Busy – may be lots of people riding
  • Can’t go as far – transportation may just cover your county

Transportation to/from school: For school aged children (K-12th grade) there is the school bus as long as they go to schools within your district. For college or adult education there is no school bus. If your college or education is in your county you can take public transportation, or walk or bike, if not within your county you may have to find a ride with someone else going that direction. Some public transportation systems even have a discount rate for students with proper id.

Do you use public transportation? What type of public transportation do you use, and what are it’s benefits? Thoughts?


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