Blogging Community/Family

Family, extended family, church family, twitter family, facebook family, twamily, and now the blogging family? That’s a lot of family you might say. Let’s look at what the word family means…

Family/community – An association of people who share common beliefs or activities

In the blog world there are a lot of bloggers blogging about different or similar things. It’s a community of people and we can’t do it on our own, we as bloggers need each other. We keep our blogs running as well as each others.

Doing 31dbbb through Church Web Trends with around 60 other people has helped me see how much blogging really can be like a community or family. 31dbbb participants are encouraged to comment on each others comments and also check out each others blogs and give feedback. I’ve learned a lot through 31dbbb so far and I’ve seen people come to my blog and comment, then I’ll see their comment and go check out their post and comment, and someone their who reads my comment will come check out my blog and comment, and so on the circle goes around.

It’s not just about commenting but also about linking to one another posts, retweeting, and referencing them when they inspired something you’re writing about or you are quoting them. When you add links within your post your readers are likely to click on those links and then they’ll blog about it or share it and the circle will go around again. One way I’ve found blogs I can learn from and enjoy reading are from checking out the links bloggers are including in their post. If it encouraged them it might also encourage me.

The blogging world is a community of people who blog, and within that community you have your blogging family who reads, maybe comments, and references your blog from time to time. When you interact with other bloggers on your blog or off you start to feel like family.

We need each other to keep our blogs running; linking, commenting, reading and referencing other blogs, are a few of the ways to be a part of the blogging community.

I am grateful to have the 31dbbb family to be able to connect and learn with, as well as the bigger family I feel I have through rss.

What are some of your thoughts or ideas about the blogging community/family?


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  1. I agree with you Becky! I’m always glad to meet new friends and have new “family”! I’m glad you’re on the journey with me!


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