Your Community 1of6 – Staying Informed

Do you know what’s going on in your community? How can we know what’s happening, what events are coming up, and what there is to do in our community? There are lots of ways to find this out. Mostly it’s just keeping your eyes open and being involved.

Several days ago I blogged about Events Around Town sharing ideas on how to know what is happening.  A few more ideas combined with that list are – posters, signs, newspaper ads, Facebook groups or pages, Twitter, radio, community newsletter, etc – just keep your eyes open as you go about around town and you should know what is happening. If there are things happening but there is no advertisement in your area maybe it’s time for you to volunteer or  find someone else to do the advertising to keep your community informed.

Being social and being part of your community is hard for some people. Those of us who are introverts, not sure how to interact with those around us physically, and would rather just gather the neighborhood online for a chat instead of face to face can make things hard. This is how I used to be and still am at times. I want to get involved, I want to do things, but I don’t know where to start or how to interact. This is why we need our social, extroverted friends and neighbors in our community to show us how this is done and we can jump in with them.

The best way to stay informed, is to be informed. And once you are informed and know about it you get excited and you share it with your friends so they know too.

Keep your eyes open, look for ads telling you what’s going on, and share the information.

What are your thoughts about staying informed?


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