Lansing River Trail – my experience

Biking is fun. It is a fun way to pass time, get around town, exercise, and go fast. Today I decided to check out the Lansing River Trail. It was more than I expected, I even changed my biking route.

“The Lansing River Trail now stretches all the way from Jolly Road to Old Town! You can also catch it from Potter Park into MSU. Altogether, approximately 13 miles of paved trail pass through numerous parks and natural areas, as well as Downtown Lansing.”

This trail is great. I wish I could bike it everyday. Slight breeze on a cool spring day, riding through nature, passing parks and well known places in Lansing, sharing the trail with other walkers and bikers..much more beautiful bike trail than I’ve ever been on.

Lansing did a great job with this trail, it’s very safe, and more fun than riding the bus or just walking. I had to bike several miles to get to the trail but once there I could go so many places around Lansing. Biked to Hawk Island Park near Jolly rd. and back. Wish I could describe how great it was but not sure how else to, check it out for yourself at


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