Blog Promoting and Niche’s

Day 3 of 31dbbb was Promoting A Blog Post. Day 4, today, is Analyze a Top Blog in Your Niche.

I’ve learned from a lot of great bloggers like Tony StewardTony MorganCraig GroeschelScott WilliamsPerry NobleTim Stevens, and Buckhead Church to name a few. I’ve learned about leadership, promoting your blog, list posts, what to tweet about, what you should or shouldn’t do online and with social networking, about churches, ministries, serving, being a pastor or part of a leadership team, and so much more. I look up to these and many other bloggers, I enjoy learning and continue to learn from them.

The things they blog about are not necessarily in my “niche” but they are things that interest me and help me grow and provide new ideas and insights.

Niche – a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted.

Today we were supposed to read and analyze blogs within our “niche.” Just seeing how they do things and getting ideas to help us. My niche is very broad, I’m not focused on something specific like a church, ministry, or leadership, … it’s a variety of things ranging from teaching or leadership, something specific, to an every day blog saying what’s going on in my life or what I’m learning. Instead of having several blogs I have it all combined in one.

Promoting your blog from yesterday, I learned again about ways you can promote and let others know that a new post is up or just that you have a blog in general. You can tweet or put it on your Facebook status, commenting on other people’s blogs or websites using your blog address, you can put your blog address on your Twitter and Facebook profile, add it to your contact information on business cards, and more. There are a lot of ways to spread the word and let other people know. Over promoting however is not suggested, I feel bad if I tweet more than once in the same day about the same blog post.

Promote your blog, help promote other blogs that you enjoy by retweeting it or adding them to your blogroll, and find your niche.

What do you do to promote your blog? How did you find your niche?


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  1. Like you, I only have one blog, and I roll everything I want to write about into that one venue. I’m finding my “niche” as I go along. It’s evolving as I write, post, and get feedback and interaction from others. Of course, my life’s journey is also dictating what my niche and writing are.

    Thanks for your comment on #31DBBB today!


  2. Thanks for the mention and congrats on kicking off the new blog!

  3. Thanks for commenting Jennifer and Scott. You guys are encouraging, I really enjoy reading your blogs.

  4. I take finding your niche is more about your target audience than what you write about. I am the Pastor of a Cowboy Church and I write my stuff directly at cowboys. I use our cowboy language, our cowboy ideals, and our cowboy logic in everything I blog about.

    I don’t have many actual cowboys that read my blog, but in doing so, it identifies who I am and if someone else reads it, they are liable to tell a cowboy about it if they know one.

    You’re doin’ a great job here!!

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