Things to Decide Before Starting A Blog

Day 2 of 31dbbb is List Posts. My list is about “Things to Decide Before Starting A Blog.”

There is a lot to consider when you first start blogging. You know you want to blog but between knowing you want to and making it a reality where do you start?

You need to consider –

  • Where to blog – will you use WordPress, Blogger, Xanga, TypePad, ..
  • Blog name – deciding what to name your blog,
  • Password – you have to think of a good password that you can remember
  • Public or Private – will you use your blog as a private journal, a place to share what’s going on in your life, or for teaching
  • Professional or Non Professional look – WordPress has a more professional look to it, while blogger not so much

Some tips for helping you figure these out –

  • Ask friends who blog for advice
  • Tweet or ask on Facebook for advice
  • Think about who will be reading your blog
  • Are you looking to blog where it’s free, or are you willing to pay for a better blog
  • Google the questions you may have, and what services are out there
  • Look at other blogs for ideas

Once you’ve decided where to blog follow the page that leads you through creating your blog. It’ll ask you for a blog name (have several ideas), password, your name, … If you’re ready to give it this information before you get to this page things will be less stressful. After you have successfully created your blog, you have a lot to consider about the layout, theme, what to blog about, and all the other settings that come with it. These are the things I’ve learned from starting this blog.


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  1. Thank you for your visit and comment at my blog on thankfulness. I noticed you also devoted a whole day and a special list of people you wanted to thank. Very nicely done. Hope we all grow through this process of learning how to build a better blog. It will be great to see how our blogs progress through the exercise.


  2. Great intro for anyone considering blogging.

    The nice thing about this list is that you can leap off from it into other posts expanding on the various steps.

  3. I practiced blogging on my church web site before I jumped into the blogosphere. By doing this I was able to settle on what I would write about first.

    I am currently on BLOGSPOT because a couple blogs I was reading were in there. I notice several using WORDPRESS. I do like their templates and add-ons. Is it free also?

    • The basic WordPress is free, but you can pay to get plugins, add-ons, etc or to make it a website. You can pay to upgrade or stick with the free version.

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