31dbbb – day 1 – Elevator Pitch

For 31 days, starting today, I’m participating with a group of other bloggers in “31 Days to Build A Better Blog.” Each day I’ll be blogging at least one post about what we learn or what we are told to blog about that day.

Today we learned about Elevator Pitch. I don’t totally understand this concept, not sure whether the Elevator Pitch is the purpose of your blog, about you, or a simple phrase stating what your blog is about – what your readers can except to read about, or if it can be any or all of those.

My current Elevator Pitch is “Thoughts, Dreams, Vision, What I’m Learning, and Life Beyond 140.” This is what I plan to be blogging about.  Sometimes it might be my thoughts about a song or scripture; what i’m dreaming about; a vision God is showing me; something I’m learning about whether it’s biblical, in class, life; or just extending on something that is more than I can put in a tweet (140 characters). It could be any of these. Check out  the “purpose and dream for this blog” for more on what this blog is currently about.

I have so much inside that I feel could be helpful, an inspiration, or just things you guys might enjoy reading. Instead of keeping it all inside me like I have been, I want to share it with you.


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  1. oooh looking forward to finding out more :o)

    keep sharing – let it leak out!

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