Honor: thanking those around me

Saturday night at the Lifechurch.tv Online Campus, I learned about Honor. We have people in our life, those in charge of us and everybody around us that we need to Honor. Craig Groeschel told us to lift up, encourage, and believe in one another. We are to build each other up and not tear each other down.

There are people, a lot of people, in my life that I need to honor. One of the volunteers said “thank you” to the other volunteers last night and that inspired me. In this post I’d like to thank you all.

  1. God – Thank you for creating, making, changing, molding, using, preparing, and working in my life. I would have no life without you and this earth would be non existent or running crazy with Satan in charge. Thank you dying on the cross, ruling the earth, taking care of us, knowing each of us intimately, and being willing to do life with us everyday. Thank you Father that we can have a personal relationship with you, and can get to know you and love you.
  2. My Parents – Thank you for getting married and having me and my sister. Thank you for raising us in the church, and in a family free of extreme anger and abuse. Thank you for taking care of us when we were sick, taking care of our needs, and helping us now. Thank you for teaching us and trying to make sure we got good schooling. Even when we disagree, or when I don’t want to talk, thank you for still loving me and keeping me part of the family.
  3. Sister – Thank you for being you, even though we sometimes disagreed sometimes and you weren’t so sure what to think of me growing up, I thank you that we can get along and you are kind of like my big sister in college. Thank you for being supportive and not putting me down.
  4. Family – Thank you for being my family, for loving me, and caring about me, and helping me grow.
  5. Online Family (Twitter/Facebook/HPC/LC/Twamily/..) – I don’t know where to start with what to say or how to thank you guys. You’re all amazing, you have had a positive impact on my life, taught me so many things, given me friends and helped me feel accepted. You helped me become who I am. You have helped me feel worthwhile when I’m down, chatted with me when I needed to talk, prayed for me when I was sick or struggling. You encourage me, help me grow, help me learn new things, teach me what’s joking and what’s not, how to have fun, and to be the unique person I am.You’ve encouraged my dreaming, put up with me, loved me, helped me feel valued and that I have a place in this world, and so much more. You continue to amaze me everyday and I just want to say thank you for all this and more.
  6. Children – To all the children, families, and classes I’ve volunteered in at an elementary school or daycare, I say Thank you. Thank you to the children for opening up my eyes to new things, having ideas of what to play, wanting me to play with you, being yourselves and just loving me for who I am. To the families, teachers, and secretary staff, thank you for allowing me to work with your children and love on them. Thank you for teaching me new things and letting me learn and help out.
  7. Physical Church Family(s) – Thank you for so much. For helping me learn and grow in God, volunteer where you let me, and be a part of the church body. Thank you also for putting up with me when I’m stubborn or disagree with something happening. For the churches who have helped me feel welcome from when I first walked into the building, Thank you. To any church I’ve visited or been at several times, Thank you.
  8. Everybody else – If I know you, your organization, have read your blog, chatted with you, through school, work, or play, online or off – I say Thank you. To all you bloggers out there whom I subscribe via rss you have no idea how much I enjoy reading your blogs and learning about leadership, churches, ministry, outreach, parenting, google, saving money, conferences, and whatever else you blog about, thank you for blogging. You have helped me learn how to blog and given me an example to follow.

Thank you to all of you. You have all had an impact on my life at some time or another. Whether you specifically fit into one of these categories or not, thank you.

Go encourage somebody, pass on the encouragement, honor somebody today. Let’s build each other up, speak kind words, and be a people who honor God through our lives and what we say and do. Pass on the encouragement.


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