All Access 2010 – what I learned

“All Access 2010” was this past Tues-Thurs.  A big thanks to Healing Place Church who streamed it live online, because of them I was able to view part of it. The speakers and people were amazing, I learned so much, it’s beyond what I can put in this post.

Learned about

  • All About Numbers – Chris Hodges
  • Kingdom Sweat – Stovall Weems
  • Conflict in Ministry – Greg Surratt
  • A Leaders Constant Companion: Pain – Craig Groeschel
  • Multiplication Anointing – Tommy Barnett

Great quotes/tweets from these 5 sessions –

Stovall Weems

  • “If you’re not passionate for God, you’re not going to get anybody else passionate for God”
  • “The supernatural is in the sweat” “When you’re sweating for God unusual things happen.”

Greg Surratt

  • “Don’t let a few vocal critics HIJACK the VISION of the church.”
  • “We don’t do everything we know how to do in every service.”

Craig Groeschel

  • “Your potential success is equal to the pain you’re willing to endure.”
  • “If you’re not being criticized, you’re not preaching the gospel”
  • “If you’re not hurting, your not leading. Leadership is painful.”
  • “The quickest way to forget what God thinks about you is to worry what others think about you.”
  • “God always does something in u b4 He does something through you.”

Tommy Barnett

  • “The bigger the need, the bigger the supply.”
  • “God is providing the provision for your vision before you know it or can see it.”
  • “When you reach people that nobody else wants, God will give you people that everybody wants.”
  • “I believe the day of denominations is over!” –
  • “If you can find a need and fill you, you can build a great church”

To read more about these sessions and the other 5 or 10 or however many I missed check out or They blogged all the sessions.


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